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Alright, so you do get a wolf pet in the beginning of the game that is level 11. Sadly, it is only for a short time.

To get a permanent pet, first you must get a Magic Cocoon.

Pet Quest Chain:Edit

Find Counselor HitropuzEdit

Quest Giver: Petrovich (-82, -47)

Quest Target: Counselor Khitropuz (-108, -90)

Walk to the north and west to reach the Councilor. Completing this quest opens two quests from Counselor Khitropuz. To complete the Pet Quest chain however, you only need to do one of them.

Get the HarvestEdit

Quest Giver: Counselor Khitropuz (-108, -90)

Quest Objective: Gather 6 Sheafs of Rye (down and to the left, in the fields

Quest Target: Miller Mukoedov (-111, -52)

The miller turns the rye into flour for Kolosiha, hence the next quest.

Take Flour to KolosihaEdit

Quest Giver: Miller Mukoedov (-111, -52)

Quest Target: Kolosiha (-145, -61)

After turning in the flour quest, that quest chain is ended. To continue, next go slightly north-east to Zabava Veselovna (the lady surrounded by pets).

Find the Magic CocoonEdit

Quest Giver: Zabava Veselovna (-127, -93)

Quest Target: Kolosiha (-145, -61)

Yes Kolosiha has it, but she wants a favor first! That's not really a surprise, is it?

Bring Some CharcoalEdit

Quest Giver: Kolosiha (-145, -61)

Quest Objective: Gather 5 pieces of coal (from the various roosters nearby

Quest Target: Kolosiha (-145, -61)

Lost Roly-PolyEdit

Quest Giver: Kolosiha (-145, -61)

Quest Target: Roly-Poly (-210, -44)

Roly-Poly is further away, to the south-west. Easiest way is to just open your map (M) and click on his quest indicator icon once you've taken the quest.

Help Roly-Poly Get OutEdit

Quest Giver: Roly-Poly (-210, -44)

Quest Objective: Kill the following:

Quest Target: Roly-Poly (-210, -44)

Return to KolosihaEdit

Quest Giver: Roly-Poly (-210, -44)

Quest Target: Kolosiha (-145, -61)

Types of Pets:Edit

Magic CocoonEdit





Cocoon of the Demonic PetEdit


Cocoon of the Mighty WolfEdit

How to get another Magic Cocoon:Edit

Buy one at the City of Fragotown for 1200 Marbles.

How do I get these marbles?

In the city of Fragotown you'll find red dots on your map on the four sides of town:

(NOTE: this is incorrect but i'm not going to correct it, they have changed it to were you either have to use emeralds "their pay for money" or do something like collect signs)


Kill the level 1 wolfs inside to receive a certain color marble.

There are Seven areas, each with their own level limits.

North - left dot: Lv10-15

North - right dot: Lv15-20

South dot: Lv20-29

West - lower dot:Lv30-39

West - Upper dot: Lv40-49

East - Upper dot: Lv50-59

East - Lower dot: Lv60-100

All areas have level 1 wolfs that drop different color balls. Drop rate is 100%

Note: It takes 24 hours once an egg is equipped for it to hatch. Unless you use a very expensive accelerator sold for 2400 Balls.

Note: A pet must be Level 11 to be able to fight. At level 11+ it gains exp by fighting along side with you.

To level a pet up to 11, you will need to use "Experience potion of young fellow traveler" NPCs near the areas mentioned up there will trade 3 balls for 1 of these potions.


A potion gives 25 exp to a pet. A potion can only be used once per minute.

Raising your PetEdit

The hardest part of raising a pet is learning how it works and what to do. In this section we will guide you to raising a noble beast to protect you and your party.

The Beginning: Level 1-10Edit

Congratulations, you finished the pet chain! Now to raise it. You first step is to collect Pet Potions to increase your pets Experience. The potions are the ONLY way to level your pet until it hits 11. It takes 20 potions per level, and each one cost 3 marbles of any color, from the corresponding PvP Vendor at the Gates of Fragotown. The marbles are the same listed in the Magic Cocoon guide found above. It total, if you like to crunch the numbers, you need 200 potions or 600 marbles. Each potion has a cooldown timer of 1 minute, so it will take you at least 200 minutes to get your pet from level 1-11. This seems like a long time, but a trusty and well leveled pet can provide the extra bit of damage to help kill that monster, boss, or criminal. Tips:

  • While leveling, your pet will randomly state that it has unlocked skills and/or weapon/armor slots. These can only be unlocked at each level currently, and are not guaranteed at any level. There are items to make this a higher possibility. (None found yet, updated into guide ASAP).
  • Dragon pets require 5000 experience a level, no joke. They are the rarest Pet from the Magic Cocoon and will produce a Server Wide message when someone gets one. It takes around 2200 potions or 6600 marbles of any/mix of color(s). This is no small feat, but don't be discouraged, Dragon are always a nice addition to your side of the fight.

Adult pet lvl 11+Edit

Once your pet reaches level 11, two things will happen. Options will appear on the bottom of your screen and your pet will mature to its second stage.

The Options are from left to right:


Aggression: Pet attacks all nearby monsters.

Protection: Pet only attacks monster that attack either you or your pet.

Passive: Your pet will not attack at all.

Attack: Your pet will attack the selected monster.

Return: Your pet will run to where you are.

Upgrading petEdit

One of ways to improve the characteristic of the pet is association of two pets of an identical kind and a level. It can be made, having come to Peace Inhabitant Smeyanu Petrovichuv the city of Fragorske.

Improvement of pet can be made in case of when приносимый in a victim the pet less or is equal to a level of the main thing. For example: the Panda 18 levels can eat the panda 11 levels or 18 levels, but cannot eat the panda 19 levels and is more senior.

The chance of success when the usual pet eats other usual pet makes 40 %. Efficiency of application of Catalysts makes 10 %, that in case of with use of all of 6 Catalysts gives you of 100 % a guarantee of successful improvement!

The chance of success when the mighty satellite eats other usual pet or other mighty satellite makes 20 %. Efficiency of application of Catalysts also makes 10 %, that in case of with use of all of 6 Catalysts gives you of 80 % a guarantee of successful improvement!

Mighty pets can improve both due to mighty, and due to usual pets!

  • to improve the pet it is necessary to come to owner of dragon factory and to choose in dialogue item " upgrade a pet ".

The window of improvement will open. The pet which needs to be improved, placed in a cell of "Greater", and due to what to improve - in a cell "smaller". Then to press the button of acknowledgement.


In case of successful improvement, the greater pet remains also its characteristics will improve, and the smaller pet will disappear. In case of NOT successful improvement, the greater pet remains also its characteristics will not change, and the smaller pet will disappear.

Шансовый the Stone - this kind of stones which increases probability of a successful outcome. In case of unsuccess, the greater pet comes back in a backpack of the character constant, minor disappears.


After successful association, the main pet can receive:

  • If at the smaller pet any characteristic of growth was above, than at greater greater receives 1 item to this characteristic (any characteristic which at the smaller pet was above, than at greater).

For example, at the smaller pet (at the one whom we devour) value of the characteristic of growth "spirit" was - 6:

And at the greater pet (at what we improve) value of the characteristic of growth "spirit" was - 5:

After successful association of pet, at the greater satellite value of the characteristic of growth "spirit" has grown on 1 and became 6:

  • the Characteristic of growth "spirit" has been taken for an example. With the same success, to the greater pet could pass еденица from "force" or from "intelligence".
  • If the smaller pet had a place under books with some probability to the greater pet one more cell under the book stands out.
  • If the smaller pet had cells under the weapon and-or clothes with some probability to the greater pet the cell for the weapon stands out, armour or that and another

Breeding petsEdit

The adult pet it is possible to improve still - up to a level of the Mighty fighting animal. For this purpose it is necessary to couple it to other adult pet of an opposite sex! The important remark: your pet should be not below 40-th level; the pet cannot have a level higher, than your character; pets only one kind (wolves with wolves, pandas with pandas and dragons with dragons) can couple!


For pairing pets you need to agree with other player who has an adult pet of the given kind and an opposite sex and to approach to City to the Head. Having cluck with a mousy on the Head, in the appeared form one player chooses item " To expose the pupil ", and another - " To couple the pupil ".

The important remark: during procedure of a premise of pets in the form for pairing players should not depart from the Head! On the expiration of 24 hours, both of the player should return to City to the Head and take away the pets and again received Magic cocoons. From these cocoons there are cubs of Mighty fighting animals, to grow up which it is necessary under the usual scheme. However, the Mighty fighting animals possessing improved characteristics grow from these cubs.

pets it is possible to couple no more than 3 times! Mighty fighting animals cannot be coupled.

About an armour, arms and the special subjects accelerating growth and development of animals-pets it is possible to esteem in section for pets. Each pet of the character possesses the set of unique qualities and can be especially useful to the characters who have chosen a certain way of development.

Wolf high03Tiger high01Panda high01Dragon high02

Pet Accessories:Edit

Just like you, your pet has items and armors it needs to survive

Pet ItemsEdit

As seen above there are quite a few items just to raise the pets, along with keeping them alive.

  • Experience Accelerator + 120 - Increases your pets experience gain for 60 minutes. (Don't use till after 11)
  • Magic Cocoon - Used to raise a pet. Equipped then hatches in 24 hours to a random pet.
  • Experience potion of young fellow traveler - Increases the pets current XP by 25.
  • Awaker for fellow traveler - Revives a dead pet with 0 satiety.
  • Food for fellow traveler - Increases pet satiety by 10.
  • Accelerator of the fellow traveler's generations - Changes the Magic Cocoons time to 60 seconds, rather than 24 hours.
  • Little Key - Starts the pets unification.
  • Elixir for restoring pet heath -
    • Level 10 - Restores 126 pet hit points.
    • Level 20 - Restores 246 pet hit points.
    • Level 30 - Restores 366 pet hit points.
    • Level 40 - Restores 486 pet hit points.
    • Level 50 - Restores 606 pet hit points.
    • Level 60 - Restores 726 pet hit points.

Pet ArmorEdit

Even your pet needs protection! Heres a quick overview of what they can wear:

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