Quest Giver: Sorceress Lekarushka

Level Requirement: 1

Prerequisites: To Find Sorceress Lekarushka

Description: Zdorovila sent you? So, you want to learn more about potions? Oh dear...I'm not sure if I've lost them or run out of stock. How about you go to the merchant's house and get one potion, and I'll have another look around here. There's a pink cloud at the entrance to the merchant's house; you can't miss it.

Task: Find Merchant Polzovkin (3/-6); obtain Phial of Elixir of Life Level 2

Report to: Sorceress Lekarushka

Reward: Gold Silver Copper

Fragoville Reputation:

Fragotown Reputation:

Items: Phial of Elixir of Mana Level 2, Phial of Elixir of Life Level 2

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